Swing Dance Club at Ohio State


Dues and Registration

How much does Swing Dance Club cost to join?

Membership is only $20 for the whole academic year, or $15 for one semester.

How can I pay dues?

You can bring money to our weekly lessons and pay at the registration table.

Where does this money go?

Your membership dues pay for weekly local professional instructors, dance events, workshops, and other club-wide expenses.

Do club instructors get paid?

Student weekly instructors will sometimes teach beginner lessons. These are typically Swing Dance Club officers, and they volunteer to teach for free. Occasionally we have local guest instructors from SwingColumbus, and they receive compensation for their time.

Does membership give me any special discounts?

Yes! You can actually recoup more than the cost of membership via discounts. Certain SwingColumbus dances, OSU Swing Dance Club's own dances and workshops, and subsidized traveling opportunities are all perks of being a member of Swing Dance Club!

Do I have to bring money to the first lesson?

We know students have a tight budget, so for the first few lessons we won't ask for any money. Once you become a regular attendee, we will begin requesting that you formally join and begin enjoying the discounts and benefits of membership!