Swing Dance Club at Ohio State



I love swing dancing, and I want to do more!

Well, there are events other than weekly lesons! There are weekly dances put on by SwingColumbus, as well as other regional events like workshop weekends and Lindy Exchanges.

Lindy Exchange

A Lindy Exchange is an event where dancers from all over the region come to multiple open dances throughout the span of a few days and swing dance. Generally there is a live band, refreshments, and plenty of new people to meet. There are afternoon, evening, and late night dances throughout the whole weekend. In short, you'll be dancing a ton!

They're great fun and you get the opportunity to practice dancing with multiple people, sometimes strangers from out of town. This includes beginners too! People from outside your swing club can teach you moves that they know, or show you variations that they've learned from different instructors. Dancing with them can be a great learning experience, not to mention a ton of fun! Why learn to swing dance if you never get out there and do it?

Completely new to swing dancing?

A weekend workshop would be better for you. Lindy Exchanges don't leave a lot of room for lessons, but there are plenty of experienced dancers who come to workshops and would love to help a beginner or intermediate dancer improve. Weekend workshops are great chances to learn from some of the best professional swing dancers in the world. Check out the events section on SwingColumbus.com for some upcoming workshops in the region.

Weekend Workshops

Workshops are weekend-long series of lessons with a few dances in the evenings, whereas Lindy Exchanges are primarily dances. Generally, workshops will cost a little more money because you'll be getting instruction from professional swing dance instructors that teach all around the world!


Normal Lindy Exchanges occur either in one city or at a university. To find more about upcoming Lindy Exchanges in Columbus and beyond, check out the events page on SwingColumbus.com.


Most Lindy Exchanges prefer that you register in advanced and charge a fee. The fee is normally cheaper the earlier you register. Others will allow you to pay at the door.


Events can range anywhere from $10-$80+ depending on the event. The bands, venues, instructors, dj's, and length of the Exchange all contribute to the cost. Most events will give discounts to students. Also, the Swing Dance Club will generally subsidize one event per semester to cut costs and help more students travel to exchanges and workshops! This is provided to you by your club membership fees.

Housing Opportunities

Instead of paying for a hotel, most exchanges and workshop weekends will assign housing with local hosts, which is a great opportunity to meet and spend time with dancers from other cities all over the country!