Swing Dance Club at Ohio State


Get Involved

Love coming to Swing Dance Club? Interested in delving deeper? Here are some ways you can get more involved in our club, and ways you can get more involved in the swing dance scene here in Columbus and beyond!

Getting Involved at the OSU Swing Dance Club

There are a variety of ways to help out at the club. Some of them require a bit more commitment than others, so take a look at the options and let us know where you'd be interested in helping out.


Interested in spinning the tunes for our open dancing portion of swing dance club? Contact the current club President to set up a date and to learn more about how to construct an awesome set list! Even if you don't have any experience dj'ing in the past, we have experienced people who can provide advice on how to get started.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board is the backbone of this club. There are multiple officer positions with a wide range of responsibilities. Elections for the executive board are held each spring for positions for the following school year. If you are interested in learning more about a specific position or are wondering about elections, talk to one of the current officers!


In addition to the board members, members-at-large are members of the organization who want to dedicate themselves to helping the club in any way they can. Members at large are nominated and appointed in the fall. So if you don't have the time to become an officer, try out a member-at-large.


Are you really excited about Swing Dance Club and are looking to get as many people involved as you can? There are many ways you can get the word out, including: posting flyers around campus, handing out flyers to interested friends, helping to work the table at the campus involvement fairs, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and verbally spreading the word about how awesome our club is! If you are interested in any of those things, talk to the Vice President of Marketing and Membership to learn more.


For all the different events that the club puts on, committees may be set up to help plan and run the event. You'll be working with a club officer in charge of the committee. Tasks may include, but are not limited to -- event planning, picking up supplies for dances, scouting bands/venues for dances, coordinating volunteers, and arranging housing for out of town guests.


Unfortunately, swing dances don't make themselves awesome without a little help from a lot of volunteers. If you have a few spare moments during a club dance or workshop, we'd love to have your help working the door, setting up or cleaning up after an event. Volunteers are typically given a reduced rate to the events that they work for, though this varies by event.

Getting Involved with SwingColumbus

Looking for more lessons? Dancing multiple times each week? Large-scale events right in town? SwingColumbus is the local, city-wide swing dance organization that offers all of those things!

Swing Dancing Beyond Columbus!

Interested in taking your dancing on the road? There are always numerous dances, workshops, weekend exchanges, and other swing dancing events going on all over Ohio (and beyond!). Be sure to check out the registration table at Swing Dance Club on Monday Nights for flyers for such events.