Swing Dance Club at Ohio State


Information for New Members

So... I heard that you guys do this thing called swing dancing...

That's right! You've definitely come to the right place for that. In case that you haven't heard that much prior to coming here, we'll make sure that you know what swing dancing and the club are all about.

Whoa, so the first thing you're going to teach me is a history lesson?

Just a very short one. Don't worry; we realize that if you really wanted a more information, you'd just look it up on wikipedia anyway. Swing dancing though is a term that we use for many different dances. So if you thought it was going to be just one thing that we're about, then you're in for a treat. If you hear the terms east coast swing, lindy hop, charleston, or balboa, they're all talking about swing! We even have line dances.

Wow, that all looks great. But where do I start?

Well, the website is a pretty good place to start. Clicking on the black bar at the top of the page will link you into our site navigation to get you where you need to go. We have information posted about our lessons, who we are, as well as what events we have going on. Also check out swingcolumbus.com for more information about swing dancing in the Columbus area. Other that that, come to club! We're a very friendly bunch, and like to consider ourselves a social organization as well as a dance organization.

Do you teach me to dance?

Of course, and we try to vary up which of the various swing dances we teach through the year, such that you'll have a chance to learn them all. Also, even if you can't make a whole series, feel free to come to the lessons that you can. If you're not sure if dancing is right for you yet too, feel free to try it out for a couple weeks before you make any commitment.

We also have time scheduled for dancing after the lessons, and the best way to get better and meet new people is to stick around for dancing. We'd love to dance with you.

Oh, so I can just show up?

Yep, we're pretty laid back and will try to accommodate new friends as the come. Even if you can't make it until mid-semester, that's fine too. Just keep an eye on our front page of the website for where we're meeting that week.

See you on the dance floor!