Swing Dance Club at Ohio State


Road Trips

Just about every school and/or city with a swing club hosts some type of events (Lindy Exchange, Weekend Workshop, or just a dance), and there are an awful lot of them in driving distance from Columbus. The most common format for any of these is to arrive Friday night for an evening dance, then wake up in the morning for a full day of lessons, to be followed by a Saturday evening dance and then more dancing at the late night. In short, expect a lot of dancing!

Travel Arrangements

Before most events, we'll have a sign-up for rides and arrange car-pooling for the weekend. If you want to join a carpool but didn't make the meeting to sign up, e-mail the club or current secretary to add yourself to our carpool list!

The Experience

A great weekend of fun, including:

[No] Experience Required

If you've been to any lessons at all, you should be able to enjoy yourself at an exchange. The sheer number and variety of people to dance with there really helps to improve your dancing, no matter what level you start out at. And at most places, even brand new dancers will turn out to their own school's big events, so you'll never be the only beginner there.


Most swing events do charge participants, but they're usually very affordable. Depending on the specific event, $20 - $80 gets you five hours or more of lessons, nine or more hours of open dancing, and free housing (members of the hosting club volunteer to house visiting dancers). Single night dances or workshops are, of course, cheaper. Even better, the OSU swing club picks roughly one event per quarter where we pay part of the registration fee for any of our club members who want to go.

Non-Club Coordinated Events

If the club is not coordinating a trip to an event you want to attend, chances are you're not the only one who's interested. Talk to one of the officers, and even if we're not going, we can help you organize a carpool with other local dancers who may be traveling to a specific event!

Other Questions

Feel free to e-mail osuswing@gmail.com so we can help answer any questions you may have!